Films on Foss 2018

Thanks for the support last year for Films on Foss. Based on everyone's feedback, we're excited to announce that this summer we'll be holding four movies. While we decided on our first three movies, the fourth one will be a "Fan Vote" on July 28th.  If it gets rained out we have a scheduled rain date for August 4th.  We've set up this Go Fund Me as a way of raising money for the project while also using it as a way for people to vote. 

Heres How it Works: 
One dollar equates to one vote, and the total donation can be attributed to any one of the following four movies. 

Next years fan choice film options are to be decided.

For example, a $10 donation would count as ten votes.  Voting can only happen in the comment section of the donation page so be sure to let us know who you are voting for.  We will keep you updated on the scores and may the best movie win!!!